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Shoulder elastic tape
Curtain Tape
Crochet Tape
Satin Ribbon
Finished Stratched Elastics
Velvet Ribbons
Knitted Elatics
Malai Dori
Zari lace
Gross Grains tape
Organnza ribbon
Bobine Elastic.
Button Hole tape
Fancy Lace for Garments.
satin lace
Velvet Shoulder tape
Our ultimate aim is to provide quality elastic tapes that completely satisfy customer’s expectations and requirements. For us quality is necessary to not just attract customers but also to maintain our position in the market. We believe that quality should not be compromised and it should be maintained in each and every stage of production. The products are checked at every level to ensure they are in conformation with the international standards. Our products leave an eternal mark on the hearts of our customers as we provide quality products at reasonable prices.

Timely delivery with personal attention.

Continual improvement in quality management system.

Involving all employees with P-D-C-A cycle.

Our Success Mantra
At Magiba all the employees make substantial contributions in their respective functional area. Each and every employee follows the policy of “Plan, Do, Check, Act” in whatever work they do, which subsequently increases the efficiency and quality of the work, and this policy forms our success Mantra.  
Cycle Diagram